Body Shamming en el colegio


En Estados Unidos, una niña de 8 años rechazó hacer una tarea en la que se le pedía medir su índice de masa corporal, pues acorde a éste era obesa. Sin embargo, decidió contestarle a su profesora con estas palabras:

“Now, I’m not going to even open my laptop to calculate my BMI. And I’ll tell you why. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a “bigger girl” and I’m completely fine with that; I’m strong and powerful. When you put a softball or a bat in my hand, they are considered lethal weapons. But, at the beginning of the year, I started having very bad thoughts when my body was brought into a conversation. I would wear four bras to try and cover up my back fat, and I would try to wrap ace bandages around my stomach so I would look skinnier. So my lovely mother did what any parent would do when they noticed something wrong with her child, she took me to my doctor. My doctor and I talked about my diet and how active I am. He did a couple tests and told me I was fine. He said though I’m a bit overweight, he’s not going to worry about me based on how healthy I am. So this is where I don’t calculate my BMI because my doctor, a man who went to college for eight years studying children’s health, told me my height and weight are right on track.”

La niña consideró que éste tipo de tareas lo que único que hacen es reforzar inseguridades corporales innecesarias, pues el índice de masa corporal no determina qué tan saludable es una persona. Pienso que es muy refrescante ver cómo hay niños que tienen opiniones críticas frente a la vida y que no se dejan pasar por encima de los adultos, y mucho menos por body shamming.


Daniela Rojas – 201425227


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