Hate zine


Hate Es una publicación que explora tanto el caracter sexual del cuerpo, como su naturaleza diversa, buscando exponer la naturalidad del cuerpo femenino y lo que es considerado como “grotesco”.


Personally, I’m bored of the satin-sheet, clean-shaven, lacy underwear, Hollywood porn depiction of sex. We all expel fluid from various orifices, we shit and piss and bleed and grow hair. It shouldn’t be something that is gross, and we should not be ashamed to talk candidly about sex. If we were more open as a society it would be a positive thing. I wasted too many years as a teenager and young adult feeling ashamed of things, life is too short, there are more productive things to worry about in my opinion.

Luisa Le Voguer Couyet


Steph Wilson


Steph Wilson



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María Rincón





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